==>> Yamaha DVD-S700 Single Disc DVD/Video CD Player

Yamaha DVD-S700 Single Disc DVD/Video CD Player

  • Twin-Focus Laser
  • Multi-Angle/Multi-shot
  • Multi-Language/Multi-Subtitle
  • Superior Video Performance
  • DTS Compatible – U.S. Model Only

Yamaha DVD-S700 Single Disc DVD/Video CD Player

Product Description

Versatile DVD Player
The DVD-S700 plays the recently introduced DVD-Video format, Video CDs, and conventional Compact Discs. This second generation player has a built-in Dolby Digital decoder and is compatible with the new DTS 5.1 channel audio format
Twin-Focus Laser
The high performance laser pick-up focuses independently to provide top-quality Video CD, Audio CD, and DVD performance.
When the director has provided multiple angles or shots of a particular scene, the DVD-S700 allows the viewer to select which angle is actually screened. Up to 9 different angles can be accommodated.
The DVD-S700 can handle soundtracks in up to 8 languages and provide subtitles for 32 languages.
Superior Video Performance
Video specifications include MPEG-2 video with greater than 500 lines of horizontal resolution and luminance and signal-to-noise ration of 65 dB.
On-Board Dolby Digital Decoding
The DVD-S-700’s built-in Dolby Digital decoder means that you don’t need a Dolby Digital amp, receiver or separate decoder. Used with a Yamaha Dolby Digital ready receiver, or one from another manufacturer, or Yamaha’s DSP-E492, this DVD player will provide the most dramatic sound available today.
DTS Compatible –
The new DVD-S700 is a second generation player which is capable of passing the 5.1 channel DTS signal from CD or DVD. A DTS decoder, either outboard or in the receiver or amplifier is required to realize the DTS signal.
Superior Audio and Video Performance
96 kHz/24-bit compatible audio digital-to-analog conversion and 10-bit video D/A conversion assure that the DVD-S700 delivers superior performance.
Multiple Video Outputs
The DVD-S700 can be used in the most sophisticated home theater or A/V systems. It features two composite video outputs, an S-Video output, and a Component Video output.
Multi-Function Remote Control
Control and operation is easy with the DVD-S700’s well designed remote control keypad.