==>> Turkish Coffee Pot (cezve/ibrik) XL 14 oz

Turkish Coffee Pot (cezve/ibrik) XL 14 oz

  • 14 oz capacity (approximately 5-6 demitasse cups)
  • Height: 3.75 inches Diameters: bottom @ 3.75″ & top @ 3.25″
  • Thick heavy copper (weighs 6.7 oz)
  • Made in Turkey

Turkish Coffee Pot (cezve/ibrik) XL 14 oz

Product Description

TRADITIONAL DESIGN These are hand made Turkish Coffee Pots (cezve/ibrik). Each piece is hammered into shape by experienced artisans in Anatolia. They are carefully etched with detailed designs, polished and then painted with bright colors! They look like pieces of art but made for everyday use.

In addition to their distinctive designs, they have wood handles that will not get hot as you make your coffee. They are tin lined inside for durability and ease of cleaning.

WHY COPPER ? Copper, more than any other metal is known for its ability to diffuse heat evenly and conduct it quickly throughout its surface. Hence, it is used all over the world as high-efficiency conductors of heat and are especially coveted for their ability to quickly bring water to a boil (there are some cezve/ibriks that are made with brass but these don’t heat as well. In fact, some manufacturers use brass only for the handles so that they stay cool to touch). Copper cezves/ibriks are also easy to care for, needing only an occasional cleaning with a soft, damp cloth. Besides, copper pots look better and gain more character as they age – just like people do!