#5 Fagor Halogen Tabletop Oven, Red

Fagor Halogen Tabletop Oven, Red

  • Direct heat broiling without overheating,slow roasted tenderness without the long wait
  • Convenient countertop grilling with no smoke or flames, steam vegetables while retaining vitamins
  • Simple to use dials for temperature settings, non stick pan
  • 2 Stackable racks allow you to cook on two levels at once Instruction /recipe book included
  • Compact and portable: perfect for recreational vehicles, boats, dorm rooms and small kitchen spaces

Fagor Halogen Tabletop Oven, Red

Product Description

Efficient and versatile tabletop glass oven cooks food faster and saves energy,its powerful halogen heating element with convection technology cooks in 25-50-percent less time than traditional cooking methods,this highly efficient and portable convection oven does the work of many appliances in one. A powerful internal fan circulates hot air to cook food uniformly and seal in natural juices for full flavor and aroma,broil,bake,roast,grill,steam,air fry or dehydrate your foods,healthy results: little or no added oils or fats required to cook foods to perfect flavor and aroma. Easy to use: simple control panel in dial format makes time and temperature control easy. Glass bowl allows you to monitor food while cooking. Easy to clean: generous sized 12-Quart glass bowl is dishwasher safe,5-Quart extender ring helps to achieve a 17-Quart capacity, large enough to fit a 16-Pound turkey.Etl approved. Includes: 12-Quart dishwasher safe tempered glass bowl with oven lid & stand1/2-Quart extender ring (up to 17-Quart capacity) tongs for easy removal of food and racks. Nonstick fry pan provides easy release and clean up.