#1 Norcent DP300 DVD Player , Silver

Norcent DP300 DVD Player , Silver

  • Dolby Digital output through coaxial digital-audio jack for immersive surround sound (with compatible AV receiver)
  • 500 lines horizontal resolution-image digest viewing, A-B repeat, and picture zoom
  • Composite- and S-video outputs
  • NTSC/PAL System Conversion Output

Norcent DP300 DVD Player , Silver

Product Description

DP-300 Norcent DVD player compatible with DVD, CD, and MP3.
Dolby Digital Output.
DVD comes with remote control and assorted special-play features.


Norcent’s affordable DP300 features dual NTSC/PAL video outputs, built-in MP3 decoding, and a dual-laser pickup for compatibility with not only DVDs and CDs, but CD-Rs and CD-RWs as well. It only plays Region 1 (U.S. and Canada) DVDs, but composite- and S-video outputs bring compatibility with nearly any television.

In the audio realm, a single set of left-right analog-audio outputs channel audio to Dolby Pro Logic receivers and stereo televisions. Dolby Digital 5.1-channel surround-sound signals can be routed through the player’s digital-audio outputs (one each of RCA coaxial and Toslink optical) for direct connection to a full-featured audio/video receiver. A 96 kHz/24-bit digital-to-analog converter ensures optimal decoding of DVDs and CDs.

Playback options include onscreen menu, parental lock, resume/memory play, eight-grade fast or slow motion, and nine-image digest viewing. Supplied accessories include a composite-video/stereo analog-audio interconnect, an instruction manual, and a full-function remote control.