#1 Lodge Enamel Cast-Iron 7-Quart Dutch Oven, Liberty Blue

Lodge Enamel Cast-Iron 7-Quart Dutch Oven, Liberty Blue

  • Lodge Enamel series enameled cast-iron Dutch oven; holds 7 quarts
  • Heavy cast iron pot cooks on stovetop or in oven; superbly retains heat
  • 4 coast of durable porcelain enamel in colorful exterior, cream-colored interior
  • Stainless-steel L-shaped lid knob; oven-safe up to 500 degrees F
  • Dishwasher-safe, but washing by hand recommended; lifetime warranty

Lodge Enamel Cast-Iron 7-Quart Dutch Oven, Liberty Blue

Product Description

The enamel coating eliminates the need to “season” the cast iron and creates a non-reactive surface that can be used for cooking as well as marinating, refrigerating or freezing. Lodge Enamel can be used on electric, gas and induction cooktops on low to medium temperatures. It can also be used in gas, electric or convection ovens below 500 degrees. Although dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended for preserving the appearance of the enamel. Dutch ovens are considered the original slow cooker and have been a kitchen staple in American homes for more than two centuries. 7 Quart capacity. Liberty blue


Lodge Enamel is the more upscale of the two enameled cast iron lines from this respected American cast iron cookware company. Sleeker and more contemporary in form than Lodge Color enameled cast iron, and featuring a stylish L-shaped lid knob made of stainless-steel, Lodge Enamel cast iron cookware is coated with four, not two, glossy coats of hard-as-nails porcelain enamel that is imported from France. The exterior color is uniform, not gradated, and is nicely set off by a cream interior. The lid is oven-safe up to 500 degrees F, so you can start a stew or casserole on the stovetop and finish by baking it in the oven. The 7-quart Dutch oven measures 11-3/8 inches in diameter and 5 inches deep, perfect for slow-simmering stews, casseroles, and chicken-and-rice dishes.

Lodge enameled cast iron makes a smart choice due to its versatility-you can marinate raw meats in it, since it won’t absorb odors or flavors, and you can braise, sauté, simmer, and bake in it. Made in China to Lodge’s meticulous specifications, each cookware item is first clad in matte black enamel before the color is added. The black rim that shows on the oven is actually the scratch-resistant matte enamel, not the raw cast iron. Though the Dutch oven is dishwasher-safe, washing by hand is recommended to best preserve the glossy finish. Look also for the less expensive, more traditionally styled Lodge Color series, in a different set of colors and sizes to suit any kitchen. All Lodge enameled ware is covered by a lifetime warranty against defects. –Ann Bieri